Large Plate

Vulcano Gres Ceramic Professional Large Plate

Our Vulcano Gres Ceramic Professional Large Plate is the perfect choice for cooking enthusiasts looking for exceptional durability, functionality and quality. Made from stoneware ceramic, this refractory plate exceeds expectations in terms of strength, non-stick and ability to withstand intense heat and direct fire.

With its professional and robust design, this fat plate ensures even heat distribution, allowing for optimal cooking of all your culinary preparations. Whether you're grilling juicy meats or preparing gratin dishes, this plate will stand up to the challenge and deliver exceptional results every time.

The non-stick surface of the dish prevents food from sticking, making it easy to clean and giving you a hassle-free cooking experience. In addition, its scratch resistance ensures that the dish remains in pristine condition over time.

Dimensions: 30 cm
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