Arandino Plate


Immerse yourself in the gastronomic tradition of Aranda del Duero with our Plato Arandino. This dish owes its name to the emblematic place where it is made, renowned for its restaurants specialising in suckling lamb roasted in a wood-fired oven. Discover the advantages and practical details that make this dish the perfect choice to delight your senses.
Made of high quality stoneware, our Arandino Plate is superior to traditional clay plates. Its unique, hard-wearing design prevents the build-up of grease through seepage, making it hygienic and easy to clean. In addition, its ability to retain the temperature of the suckling lamb at the table ensures that you enjoy every hot bite for longer.
We have added practical details that make all the difference. The recessed base makes it easier to insert the shovel when serving the roast lamb, giving you comfort and precision with every portion. In addition, the reinforced rim prevents chipping and breakage caused by possible bumps between pieces inside the oven, ensuring the durability and impeccable presentation of your dish.

Prepare an exceptional culinary experience with our Arandino Plate. Whether you are enjoying roast lamb, succulent meats or any other culinary delight, this plate will provide an elegant presentation and enhance the flavours of your favourite dishes.

Dimensions: 26.50 × 5 cm
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