Straight Casserole

Vulcano Gres Straight Ceramic Casserole

Made from high quality materials, our straight pans are resistant to direct heat, which means you can use them directly over an open flame without worry. Their durable and sturdy construction ensures even heat distribution, allowing you to achieve perfect results with every preparation.


  • Versatility in the kitchen: Prepare a wide variety of meals, from bakes to stews and more.
  • Direct fire resistance: Use directly over an open fire, grill and barbecue.
  • Even heat distribution: Achieve perfect results with every preparation.
  • Oven and microwave compatible: You can use them to bake and heat dishes quickly.
  • Designed to withstand intensive use and last over time.

Whether you are an amateur cook or a seasoned professional, our Straight Casseroles will be your best ally in the kitchen. Explore new recipes, experiment with different techniques and enjoy delicious dishes with the convenience and durability that these pans offer.
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