Plate Holder

Vulcano Gres Stainless Steel Plate Holder

Complete your culinary experience with our Stainless Steel Plate Holder specially designed for Vulcano Gres plates.

Made from high quality stainless steel, this stand guarantees durability and strength for long-lasting use. Its sturdy and ergonomic design ensures that your Vulcano Gres plate remains steady and secure throughout the meal, preventing any risk of accidental slipping or tipping.
The stand has been specifically designed to fit the Vulcano Gres plate perfectly, providing a precise and secure fit. In addition, its stainless steel finish adds a sophisticated and modern touch to your table presentation.

Fits our 29×1 cm/28,80 cm/ 30 cm plates.

  • Diameter between handles: 32,50 cm
  • Diameter of support: 32,00 cm
  • Height: 11,00 cm
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