Set Meat on the Stone

Set Meat on the Stone - Cooking Directly at Your Table

Enjoy the thrill of cooking directly at your table with our "Meat on the Stone" set. This complete set includes everything you need to take the culinary experience to the next level, whether in your restaurant or in the comfort of your own home.

The "Meat on the Stone" set features a high quality round plate specially designed for this cooking technique. Made of durable, heat-resistant materials, the plate is perfect for heating and maintaining the ideal temperature for cooking your favourite meats right at the table.
The included stand provides stability and security when holding the plate on the table. This allows all diners to participate in the experience and cook their own portions to their liking. The tongs, also included in the set, make it easy to handle and turn the meat for perfect results.
In addition, the "Meat on the Stone" set comes with ethanol, a safe and efficient fuel that will allow you to light and maintain the flame needed for cooking. Ethanol provides a stable and controllable flame, ensuring even and precise cooking.
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