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Refractory ceramics

Vulcano Gres refractory ceramics for professional kitchenware are made of refractory stoneware ceramics so that they do not break when exposed to direct fire. With its non-stick enamel, it is not necessary to grease the surface with fat, so they do not generate fumes. They are also resistant to cleaning with degreasing chemicals and metal scouring pads.

All this makes them unique in the market and ideal for serving stews, meats, stews, baked rice, prawns and any other food that needs to maintain the temperature to achieve a great flavour.

The formula of its quality:
It is handcrafted

We have highly qualified craftsmen to make all kinds of formats, beyond the pre-designed moulds, adapting to the needs of the client.
It is non-stick and scratch resistant

Surface and base enamel that gives the product non-stick properties and scratch resistance, making it easy to clean and present on the table.
Withstands high temperatures

Vulcano Gres refractory ceramics are resistant to the flame of direct fire and to sudden changes in temperature. It maintains the temperature by means of the mixture of quartz, feldspar and mica contained in its interior.
And also our plates and casseroles

  • Non-porous
  • They don't stain
  • They don't spoil the taste
  • They don't give off smoke
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