Himalayan salt

Himalayan Salt Plate Vulcano Gres

Our Himalayan salt plate offers a different way of cooking both hot and cold, benefiting from the contribution of 84 minerals that enhances the flavours and provides just the right amount of salt.
By taking Himalayan salt we will obtain many more minerals
than taking the typical common salt. In addition, we will reduce the negative effects of common salt. The reason for this is that, as it is much tastier, it is not necessary to use as much salt as when using white salt. By cooking food on a block of salt, we get all the necessary minerals.
In addition, we achieve a more uniform heat distribution
due to the molecular crystalline structure of Himalayan pink salts, as it expands more gradually than any other type of salt. If you cook food on top of the block, it will cook evenly all over.

The dimensions of the salt block are 20 x 30 x 3,5 cm.
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