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The Argentinean Asado: An Art of Patience and Passion

The Argentinean asado is not simply a meal; it is a cultural experience rooted in tradition and shared with passion. In this article, we will explore what makes the Argentinean asado unique, from the grill used to the culinary techniques, and how Vulcano Gres contributes to this rich tradition by offering custom-made Argentinean grills.
The Essence of the Argentinean Grill
The Argentinean grill, also known as "asado" in Argentina, is much more than a simple cooking technique. It is an expression of identity, a social ritual and a culinary art in itself. The Argentinean grill is an essential device in this process, and its design allows the meat to cook evenly and achieve those characteristic smoky flavours.

How Argentinean Grillmasters Grill Meat
The process of grilling meat in Argentina involves meticulous patience. Argentinean grill masters carefully select the meat, usually high quality cuts such as asado, vacío, matambre and ribs. The meat is seasoned with coarse salt, sometimes hours before cooking, allowing the flavours to integrate deeply.
Types of pieces and cuts in the Argentinian Asado
The Argentinean asado is characterised by a wide variety of meat cuts, each with its own unique characteristics and flavours. From asado strips to bife de chorizo, Argentines appreciate the diversity of textures and tastes offered by their grill. The way each cut is cooked, whether directly over the coals or grilled, influences the culinary experience.
Argentinean Techniques for a Perfect Asado
The secret of a perfect Argentinean asado lies in patience and fire control. Grill masters adjust the height of the grill and the intensity of the fire to achieve different cooking points and textures. The "asado a la cruz" technique is another Argentinean tradition, where the meat is placed vertically on a cross and cooked slowly.

Vulcano Gres: Custom-made Argentinean Grills
Vulcano Gres, in its commitment to celebrate culinary traditions, offers custom-made Argentinean grills. This means that barbecue lovers can customise their grill according to their specific preferences and needs. From size to design, Vulcano Gres works hand in hand with its customers to make sure they get the perfect tool to recreate the magic of Argentinean barbecue in their own homes.

Preserving the Argentinean Asado Tradition with Vulcano Gres
In conclusion, the Argentinean asado is much more than a meal; it is a manifestation of the passion and patience that Argentines have perfected over the years. Vulcano Gres, by offering custom-made Argentinean grills, not only provides a high quality culinary tool, but also contributes to preserve and spread this rich culinary tradition, allowing more people to enjoy the art of Argentinean asado all over the world.

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