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Ideas of what you can cook in Vulcano Gres Refractory Ceramics

Roasts and baked meats: It is ideal for roasting meats and poultry in the oven. You can prepare delicious roasts of pork, chicken or turkey, making sure they cook evenly and stay juicy thanks to the even heat distribution.

Stews and casseroles: Vulcano Gres refractory ceramics are perfect for preparing stews and casseroles. You can cook delicious dishes such as beef stew, chilli con carne or vegetable casseroles, taking advantage of the heat retention capacity of the ceramic for tasty and tender results.

Fish and seafood: The Vulcano Gres refractory ceramic tableware is also suitable for cooking fish and seafood in the oven. You can prepare grilled salmon, baked sea bass or a delicious seafood paella, taking advantage of the even heat distribution to obtain perfectly cooked results.

Rice, pasta and gratins: Refractory ceramic is ideal for preparing baked rice, baked pasta dishes and gratins. You can make lasagne, macaroni and cheese or pasta casseroles, ensuring that they cook evenly and brown perfectly on the surface.

Desserts and cakes: It is excellent for baking desserts and cakes. You can prepare delicious fruit pies, apple tarts or crumbles, getting even cooking and perfect browning in the oven.

Remember that Vulcano Gres refractory ceramic utensils are oven safe, so you can experiment with a wide variety of recipes and cooking techniques.
Enjoy the versatility and quality of refractory ceramic in your culinary preparations!

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