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Charcoal ovens. Cooking with charcoal. The advantages of Vulcano Gres charcoal ovens.
In the 21st century, there are many different culinary techniques that have burst onto the modern avant-garde cuisine. However, with the development of all the modern technology, cooking with charcoal has also become one of the most original and healthy culinary trends of our time.

Grilling is all the rage these days. That's why many chefs all over the world use charcoal grills as a basic tool in their kitchen.

The Vulcano Gres charcoal oven is a machine that perfectly combines the advantages of a traditional grill with the advantages offered by an efficient and competitive oven in the world of gastronomy. It is also the best alternative for cooking with charcoal. Why? Because it offers countless advantages when cooking the best meat or vegetarian dishes.

The advantages of an oven:

  • Save

With a door that remains tightly closed during cooking, the Vulcano Gres charcoal oven saves up to 40% of charcoal compared to traditional or open grills.

  • Versatility

The Vulcano Gres charcoal oven also offers great versatility when it comes to cooking. It can cook all kinds of food, from meat and traditional roasts to lamb, suckling pig, fish and vegetables. For those who prefer vegetarian cooking, there is no shortage of vegetables.

  • Taste

Food cooked in a Vulcano Gres charcoal oven retains a very characteristic traditional flavour, which reminds the customer of the classic flavours and aromas of traditional cuisine.

  • Juicy

Food cooked in the Vulcano Gres oven retains its juiciness and texture. This is due to the high heat output of this type of grill oven, which cooks food better than a conventional grill.

  • Comfort

Professional chefs who use the Vulcano Gres charcoal oven for cooking point out that this type of oven provides greater comfort during use, thanks to the insulation of the embers that the central door of the oven avoids exposure to constant heat.

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