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Maturation chambers. Dry Aging
Patented food processing system specially designed for maturation.

Meat maturation is a particular curing process that transforms fresh meat to increase chamber time, tenderise and, above all, achieve a higher degree of flavour.
This transformation makes the meat more edible, easier to digest and concentrates flavour, increasing the consumer's sensory perception.

Once your meat has been transformed, it will have an increased flavour profile, maximum tenderness will be achieved, it will be easier to digest and, above all, it will become safe (increasing shelf life while drastically reducing the overall bacterial count).
You can create the ideal microclimate for all meats with thirty days of maturation. Even if you are a beginner, with complex sets of algorithms and multiple systems simply and easily.
Moisture control, liquid smoking and flavouring.
pH monitoring system, which provides you with HACCP data analysis, and complies with all international standards.

Natural maturation method with automatically controlled microclimate.
Sequential management and processing of multifunctional stages during food processing making it possible to cure meat in a safe environment with pH monitoring to obtain a high level of quality.

Control screen.
It is an easy to use device focused on traditional food processing.
Includes 30 preset climate state recipes and 352kb of storage allowing many more to be saved.
HACCP monitoring visible on the 7" FULL COLOUR TOUCHSCREEN with printouts and diagrams.
SFC® manages the clean in place (C.I.P.) process and provides remote management of the system.

pH Control®
pH Control is a system dedicated to reading pH levels during maturation processes, it monitors the acidification of
the meat.

It allows to manage the process of
humidifying, smoking and flavouring of the product
inside the chamber.

Smoked / Flavouring:
During this phase, the natural liquid smoke is atomised inside the chamber at low temperatures, in full respect of the health and safety of the product.
The health and safety of the product.
*The smoking liquid can be purchased from Vulcano Gres.

The Fumotic® produces and maintains humidity inside the chamber from a water connection to a tank in the chamber or directly to a connection.
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