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Fish grill. Espeto, what it is. Cooking with charcoal.
Espeto is a typical dish from Malaga which means to skewer, and... What is " to skewer"? It is very simple, to skewer the fish on long, thin rods and then grill it over charcoal on the sand on the beach.
Traditionally, it was made with sardines and when someone says they are going to have an espeto, we assume they are sardines, but nowadays, they are not just sardines.
How to skewer?

The technique consists of threading the sardines along the back and making sure that they are all placed equally on the skewer.
If the sardines are more or less the same size, they are all cooked equally, as they will need the same cooking time.
Traditionally, the skewers used were made of sugar cane, cut into pieces about fifty centimetres long and cut in half lengthwise. Once the two halves of the rods were obtained, the tip of each was sharpened to facilitate their insertion into the fish.
Nowadays, metal skewers are made for this purpose, and skewers made from sugar cane are hard to find in today's fish spearers.

Although sardines are traditionally cooked, any other fish can be prepared in this way. For example, fish such as mackerel, sea bream, sea bass, etc. can be skewered. In the case of these large fish, the skewer is inserted through the mouth. It is also possible to cook squid or other large shellfish.

The skewer can even be used for frying other foods, such as meat, vegetables or potatoes. Objectively speaking, everything cooked this way is delicious.

The espetero has become a professional activity and every restaurant has its own espetero. In summer, special boats filled with sand are set up on the beach, where the fire is lit and the fish is fried. This only happens in summer and on the coast, not everyone has the opportunity to go to the beach and enjoy this dish.

That is why Vulcano Gres has developed a special grill, espetero, to cook the fish directly in the restaurant. Regardless of the location, you will be able to delight and surprise your customers not only with delicious and tasty fish and seafood, but also with a show while the chef cooks in front of the diners. This will also attract the attention of visitors.
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