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Robata Grill. What is it and how is it used?
Robata is an ancient Japanese culinary technique that uses a charcoal grill to cook meat and fish. Do you want to know how to cook with the Japanese technique known as robata? Here's what it's all about.

Japan's traditions have spread all over the world with great success. The culinary sphere has been no exception, and there is something more than sushi that distinguishes this culture. It is the robatayaki or robata technique. It is popularly known as Japanese grilling. For several years now, this cooking method has been very popular in restaurants in our country and has positioned itself as one of the favourites. There is no doubt that opting for this culinary technique is a great idea, as it allows diners to enjoy an old-fashioned way of cooking to their liking.
What is a Robata Grill?
The Robata Grill consists of grilling food in front of the customers. The most commonly used charcoal is oak and coconut charcoal.
However, the most commonly used charcoal is oak. The production process does not use any chemicals and is characterised by its high temperature without flame. This is very important for this cooking technique.

The style of cooking on a Robata grill is not easy. A chef needs to have a great technique to control the cooking of both meat and fish. As you know, cooking seafood is not the same as cooking vegetables or a piece of meat.
In addition, the ideal in robata style is to turn the ingredients only once. The aim is for the inside to be juicy and the outside golden brown and caramelised.

Although this technique is popular on the streets of Japan, it can also be found in restaurants. In particular, Izakaya restaurants. Japanese people often go to these places to have a drink after work or to eat typical Japanese food.
Some establishments have moved away from the traditional format and have adopted gas or electric grills. However, the most demanding customers prefer to look for that tasty smoked flavour that the Robata Grill provides.

At Vulcano Gres we manufacture charcoal and gas Robata Grills in different sizes to suit the needs of each customer. The equipment is compact and can be table-top or built-in.
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