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The pizza oven is the heart of the pizzeria. The wood-fired pizza oven.
Who doesn't like pizza?

Pizza is a popular food and many people enjoy making and eating it.
Today, one of the most popular restaurants is a pizzeria. It is hard to imagine a modern pizzeria without the right equipment. Therefore, in the pizza making process, an essential element is the pizza oven. The quality, freshness of the ingredients and the skill of the pizzaiolo (pizza maker) are just as important as the pizza oven in which the food is prepared.

A special pizza oven can serve to ensure a high level of productivity and to delight customers with high quality products.
Pizza ovens can be divided into three types:

  • Wood-fired
  • Gas
  • Electric

There are also combination (mixed) ovens that use wood and gas or wood and electricity as fuel.

Choosing a pizza oven requires consideration of important factors such as capacity, dimensions, type of power supply, number of chambers and price. Today we will look at wood-fired pizza ovens.

Wood-fired ovens are a classic. Many people think that real pizza can only be made with wood. These ovens give the pizza a special aroma and a delicious flavour from the smoke.
They are made of refractory material and can withstand temperatures of up to 1,250 degrees. The average temperature of these ovens is 300-450 degrees Celsius. Thanks to the high degree of insulation, there is no heat loss. The upper part of the construction is in the form of a hemisphere through which the air circulates, allowing the pizzas to be baked. The average baking time is 2-3 minutes. Wood, fuel briquettes and charcoal are used as fuel.
Wood-fired ovens can be used for cooking other dishes, such as bread, meat and vegetables.

Vulcano Gres specialises in the manufacture and supply of professional pizza ovens. We offer our customers custom-made ovens, according to their individual needs (materials, shape, capacity, exterior design, etc.). The choice of modification will depend on the format of your business.
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