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The secret of grilled meat
Grilling is all about knowing how to best arrange the fire and the food we are going to work with, as well as knowing the different temperatures and ways of placing the coals under the grill.
If there is one time of year when the barbecue is king, it is summer. Always welcome, it is the big winner at any gathering of friends. If you follow the tips below this year, you'll be able to enhance the flavour of all the meats. The only problem is that you'll want to repeat...

To get good embers you will need good wood or charcoal.
The difference with charcoal is the waiting time. With wood, we will have to wait at least 45 minutes to start the barbecue. This varies depending on the thickness of the wood. The ideal is hard and aromatic wood such as holm oak, oak, olive or orange...
The most popular charcoal in our country is holm oak. It is easy to light, long-lasting and very aromatic for roasts. However, for long cooking times, we recommend coconut shell charcoal or Marabu charcoal.
The most suitable choice for meats is holm oak, quebracho and vine shoots charcoal and for wood, holm oak and oak wood. If you want to smoke meat, the best way is to humidify wood with mesquite or Jack Daniel's. Its smoke perfumes the food, giving it unique organoleptic nuances.
Lighting the barbecue.
The most important thing is to look for the method or product that does not leave traces of bad smells on the raw material we are cooking, always discarding ignition tablets containing petroleum derivatives.
The secret is to produce as little smoke as possible and always ensure that the fire has its share of oxygen, which we will achieve by adding the fuel little by little.

1. Choose a quality fuel that provides heat and aroma. This is just as important as choosing the best meat.
2. Always cook with embers and not with flames.
3. Food should not be placed on the grill until the embers are white, otherwise you will get a bad tasting food.
4. To find out if the embers are ready, carefully place your open hand for seven seconds at a height of 20 centimetres above the grill, if you are able to hold it, they are ready to cook.
5. You can cook using two systems: placing the food just above the embers or with the indirect system, placing the product in the centre and the embers on the sides so that the food does not receive direct heat from the fire.
6. If you do not have a grill of different heights, it is important that you learn how to control the heat of the fire and you will need to know how to spread or gather the fire to achieve the desired temperature.
7. Give the product only one turn.
8. Always keep the grill in a perfect state of cleanliness, this is essential.
9. Hydrate constantly while grilling.
10. Ashes should always be placed in a metal bucket and left for at least 48 hours before being thrown away.

  • The temperature should be between 180º and 200º.
  • The higher heat, the shorter exposure time of the meat on the grill and vice versa.
  • To avoid loss of juices, always seal the meat.
  • The second turn has to be shorter than the first and is usually done when it is half as thick as the piece we are cooking.
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