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Charcoal. Types of charcoal for your grill and barbecue
Charcoal is a fuel that is distinguished by the fact that it is easier to light, and it takes less time to get the right embers, as they can be ready in about half an hour.

A good charcoal must be stable, have a high calorific value and last for a long time.
There are different kinds of coals that can be used to prepare barbecues:

Vegetable coal
The conventional format of vegetable charcoal for barbecues is the most common and the most widely used in charcoal barbecues. It is very easy to find in shops and, depending on its quality, is available for a wide range of prices. Charcoal sold in supermarkets is of low quality, but you can choose other products sold, even online, which offer higher quality as well as quick ignition and constant heat.

Charcoal briquettes
A very useful alternative for lighting a barbecue. Also, although they take a little longer to ignite, very little is needed to achieve a long-lasting ember.

Smokeless charcoal
To light the barbecue without generating smoke, there are certain materials that create less smoke during combustion, a great alternative being barbecue coals made from coconut shells. High-quality vegetable coals, such as those made from holm oak, quebracho or marabou, are also considered to be low-smoke coals. These options are made in a more traditional way than other types of charcoal and give food a special flavour and aroma.

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