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Chicken rotisseries. What are their special features. Types of chicken roasting equipment.
Grills are indispensable in the kitchens of restaurants, cafés and bars where you offer grilled dishes, burgers, etc. Therefore, grills are nowadays widely used in business and catering.

At least once in our lives, we have all tasted a delicious roast chicken, crispy on the outside but soft and juicy on the inside.
Nowadays, many cafés and restaurants offer their customers crispy chicken on their menus and, for this purpose, it is best to use special rotisseries to cook them. Even if you are a supermarket selling rotisserie chicken, it is advisable to install this equipment in front of the customers. This will attract customers not only because of the appetising aroma, but will also make them pay attention and look, which will increase the likelihood of sales.
Depending on the needs of the business, the equipment that produces rotisserie chicken is chosen, as well as additional accessories.
To begin with, it is important to understand how and where the equipment is to be used. This influences the choice and order of the model. Equipment designed for professional use is divided into:
  • Planetary charcoal chicken rotisseries
  • Rodizio Chicken Rotisserie
  • Vertical Chicken Rotisseries

The Planetary charcoal chicken rotisserie has a planetary type of rotation inside. The blades rotate exclusively around their axis and the axis of the rotating drum. This results in an evenly roasted chicken.
The Rodizio chicken rotisserie has special baskets which are placed on special rails. When the grill is in operation, the baskets rotate around the heat source so that the fat does not drip onto the base of the grill and the meat does not lose its natural juices. The baskets hold both whole chickens and individual pieces of chicken: wings, thighs, breasts and legs.
Vertical chicken rotisseries have a rotating spit on which the accessories for the chickens are permanently fixed; these rotisseries are practical if one part of the chicken is almost cooked and another part is ready to be cooked.

There are three types of rotisseries, depending on the type of heat used: charcoal, gas and electric.

In the charcoal chicken rotisserie, the roast chicken is cooked with charcoal. It is very easy to use. The charcoal can be placed under the chickens or in special baskets at the back of the rotisserie. The charcoal chicken rotisserie can also be used for roasting meat and vegetables by placing the roasting surfaces on a brick base.

The electric chicken rotisserie is mains powered - they require a voltage of 220V. The heating element of modern rotisseries is infrared radiation heating generated by electric tube heaters.

Gas rotisseries for chickens are heated by gas burners arranged in rows. Thanks to the special system incorporated in the gas taps, these rotisseries are safe to use.

The capacity of the chicken rotisserie equipment is selected according to the expected sales. Depending on the size of a rotisserie, between 16 and 126 chickens can be cooked.
At Vulcano Gres we offer different models of charcoal, gas and electric chicken rotisseries for every budget.
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