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Charcoal Oven Casillero
The Vulcano Gres charcoal oven is equipped with a firebreak nozzle at the outlet that prevents sparks and/or flames from escaping to the outside, in order to avoid the possible ignition of the grease accumulated in the extractor hood. It also reduces the temperature of the fumes.

On the other hand, its configuration in different heights allows it to have three different grilling zones. It is estimated that there is a difference of 25 degrees when passing from one height to the next.
The 9 doors, the thick structural plates and the thermal insulation ensure that the interior temperature is maintained.

They also include forced air inside the oven, lighting, firebreak nozzle to retain sparks and ash, air inlet and outlet regulators, ash drawers, independent grills for each door with enough depth to bake on two trays and wheels with brakes.
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