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In our efforts to innovate, we have created this new model of charcoal oven with a special smoking section to maintain culinary traditions and meet the needs of the most demanding market. This guarantees a roast that enhances all the flavour and juiciness of the food, adding the aroma and taste of the embers.

With a functional design, the smoker grill oven is a perfect combination that allows you to cook "grill style", but with a much stronger grilled flavour than conventional charcoal ovens, giving a different touch to your business.

The meat can first be placed in the smoking section and then marked in the oven section. The temperature is controlled by the draught regulator.

All our designs can be fitted with a draught regulator to adjust the temperature, air injection system (turbo embers), easy opening... essential details that guarantee the versatility of the charcoal ovens, as well as safety and savings in consumption.
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