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Chicken rotisseries
Round Case

Additional accessories
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Mechanism on the right
Air outlet regulator
Front loading of the charcoal
Rear basket


Storage drawer
Rackets and drums
Firebreak nozzle
Electric heaters
Brass or copper finish
We have developed a new chicken oven/roaster with a canopy body, with a choice of automatic opening by motor, or manual opening by counterweight.
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  • Mechanism composed of a double motor with independent rotation movements, one for the rotation of the swords and the other for the whole mechanism.
  • Side, rear and door insulation to ensure that the interior temperature is maintained and to prevent heat transfer to the outside.
  • We can include various types of sword or accessories, such as rackets for ribs or drums for potatoes and vegetables.
  • In the lower table we have incorporated a thermal temperature maintenance drawer, where rotisserie chickens or trays can be stored.
  • A double motor, one to move the planetary mechanism and the other to rotate the horns.
  • A side window in the shape of a porthole and tempered glass, which will show the mechanised internal parts with double lighting and high temperature lamps.
  • External pyrometer for temperature control
  • Dimensions and capacity may vary according to customer requirements.
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