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Gas pizza ovens
The gas pizza ovens have a dome-shaped cooking chamber designed for the pizza production.
Made of verified refractory material with high aluminium oxide content (AI203), which ensures high efficiency of internal heat maintenance, durability and reliability.
The hot air movement in the chamber is volumetric and continuous (cyclometric). It is produced by an environmentally friendly methane or propane-methane gas burner, assisted by an air recirculation fan. The fan helps to maintain an optimum temperature on the firing plane and prevents possible cooling, even under intense working conditions.

The recirculation of the combustion gases takes place through a continuous heat cycle, which helps to consume the gas efficiently.
The temperature of the firing plane and the dome is independent, and controlled by a digital control.
The burner output can be adjusted between 5% and 100% via the control unit. The power supply is 230 V / 50-60 Hz.
All elements are inside the metal housing, which makes it easy to move the oven from one place to another.
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