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Robata Rachelli
The Robata Grill is an indispensable piece of equipment in Japanese restaurants, which allows the use of the barbecue cooking method, where food on skewers is slowly cooked over charcoal. It consists of several levels that allow different cooking temperatures to be reached. The Robatas Grill is made of stainless steel, with a turbo ember system that accelerates the charcoal combustion process and ash drawers.

Fish, seafood and vegetables are the traditional products that are grilled on Robata Grills. At Vulcano Gres we manufacture professional charcoal and gas grills in different sizes according to the customer's needs. The equipment is compact and can be table-top or built-in.
Other extras:
  • Gastronorm tray shelf
  • Cold store, refrigerated chamber under table
  • Swords
  • Griddle/ frytop
  • Charcoal drawer 500mm
  • Charcoal drawer 1000mm
  • Lamb sword with rotation
  • Doors 500mm
* The installation of charcoal drawers includes a special seal inside the table to prevent the entry of sparks into the drawer, plus a top locking plate and telescopic runners or wheels.
  1. Rod
  2. Rack
  3. Rack
3 levels:
  1. Fan motor
  2. 4 wheels
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